A little history about our company

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We love the guys at Richard's paint! They made this label just for Frank!

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Frank Harrelson and Ernest Bryant


On July 4th, 1988, Frank Harrelson arrived in Charlotte, NC to take ownership of Eastway Paint and Decorating.  And as they say...the rest is history!


At the age of twenty, Frank began working with his brother John at Chatham Paint in Savannah, GA.  Eight years later he had the opportunity to open his own paint store in Charlotte.


Frank's extensive knowledge of all coatings and their application, as well as his extraordinary ability to choose and match colors has become legendary in the Charlotte area.  He has been dubbed the 'Paint Guru' by contractors and home owners alike. 


He is fortunate to have a great staff working with him.  Both of his sons, Matt and Kyle, have joined him in the businees.  They both began working at the store in the summers during high school.  So, even though Matt is only 28, he has been at the store for 14 years!  Likewise, Kyle, who is 25, has 11 years in!


Ernest Bryant has been an invaluable addition to Eastway since 1994.  He brought with him 12 years of prior experience in the paint industry.


Micah Horne has been with Eastway since 2011.  Having worked with paint contractors, Micah is an application specialist.


 All total, the staff at Eastway Paint has almost 100 years of experience!!  Every employee is exceptional at matching colors and explaining the application of all coatings in a user friendly manner.


The 'behind the scenes' person who keeps the store running is Tiffany Griffith, the office manager.  She has the hardest job of all-keeping all the guys in line!  She takes care of everything besides paint.